Chapter 8 -Control Freak

Yep, that’s me. Not too long after beginning therapy, I wanted desperately to take control. I thought that control meant success, control meant progress, control meant solutions to my problems. WRONG!  Take a look at my proposal to my therapist. I know, I know – pretty laughable, huh?  But, have some sympathy, ok? – I was feeling desperate.

I named my strategy – The Preferred Method

“Oh yes Well, how I’d like it to go is like this: I share with you my issues; we discuss them with clear and focused attention; we make charts and outlines that represent historical events; current scenarios; emotional triggers; etc. etc.

“Then we cross-reference all the data we have collected. We take all the gathered information and we work together to piece the parts into an clearly viewed coherent whole.

“We will discuss how my particular pieces fit into a schema that is easily understood and addressed.

“We then will match the data with known effective approaches for change. After matching them, I will employ those strategies.

“Each week I will report to you how those strategies were helpful or not. We will then adjust the strategies to my personal changing situation.

“While doing this we will refer to the volumes of writings that support our conclusions and our decisions on what protocols to apply. The masters of psychological investigation will be our guides in this enterprise.

“We will continue this until we’ve found the perfect formula and after applying that formula, experiencing success with that formula, I will then take leave of therapy.

“You and I will congratulate each other on our wonderful analytical approach and how well we did in our detective work and how much genius we applied to our mutual effort in decoding anything that was at first not easily understood. And we both will go home happy and content. Everything under control…”


Hey, guys – pretty cool, huh? Wish it had worked, though.

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