Chapter 10 -Blabbering/Blubbering

Oh yes, my therapist has been and continues to be a hapless victim of my non-stop blabbering. All of the words tumbling out of my mouth also go by the names of jabbering, blathering, prattling, driveling. Oh yes, oh my. Such a wealth of titles given to uncontrolled verbiage.

Although I’m shocked by my non-stop chatter in session, probably my friends and acquaintances will just nod their heads knowingly. Hmmm… Does this mean they know me better than myself?

So, what do I bring to session? What topics do I drag through the door and into her office? I can assure you that they’re all very interesting and relevant (to my inquiring mind.

For example (since there have been 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of subjects, I can only offer you a small sample):

To T – “Did you know that cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world with 2.5 billion fans – only 1 billion less than soccer and 1/2 billion more than field hockey?”

“Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Not me – and let me tell you the reasons                 why.”

“I think Emma Thompson is the best actress ever. What do you think?”

“What possesses those people who try to climb Mt. Everest? Are they crazy?”

Occasionally I’ll mention I’m feeling sad or anxious but then I quickly change the subject to something much more interesting.

I do know that many people have a hard time talking in session. Not me! I’m the original chatterbox. I believe that my role in therapy is to entertain my therapist. I mean that’s why she pays me, right? Oh, just remembering that I pay HER! Oh well.

And opinions. I have opinions galore. Finally I’ve trapped someone for 50 minutes and they get to hear all about them. No weaseling off with an excuse to go to the restroom. No checking cell phone and finding a reason to leave. No interrupting me to share their news. No siree. I’ve got a captive who has no choice but to endure me. Ah, what power!

So, blabbering I’ve mastered but blubbering still eludes me. I’m realizing now that blabbering is just another word for ‘mute’ in therapy. Instead of silence, my mutism breaks out in noise. My particular flavor of numbness prevents me from touching that emotional core that allows the inner self to rise and be seen.

So, sorry guys, I thought I was making a case for blabbering here but it is apparent that blubbering is the optimum skill. I’m still learning. You know that, right?

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