What’s It All About?

I had the idea a few months ago that I would like to share my experiences of what it’s like to be in psychotherapy. I know everyone’s experiences are different and I don’t propose to claim that my experiences are the norm but I do believe that many of us who find ourselves in therapy encounter similar emotional reactions within the therapeutic process without regard to the issues that we may be working through.

My posts will not explore my personal psychological issues with which I initially entered therapy. My intention, instead, is to offer a first hand view of the volatility that can sometimes be a facet of the relationship with a therapist.

Although I will be mentioning certain therapy terms throughout the book, I claim no expertise in psychotherapy. I am not a psychologist nor a psychotherapist. I am not offering advice or suggestions to anyone who reads my tale. Each person’s path is unique.

I will share some of what I’ve gleaned from publications and from my own experiences of how therapy can ‘work’. If I have misinterpreted any writer whom I have quoted or if I have not understood well the processes in therapy, I ask for your understanding.

My goal is only to give others some ideas of what they may encounter in therapy or for those already in therapy that they realize that their experiences are not outside the norm.

My therapist follows the psychodynamic and humanistic model. Persons involved in trauma work or somatic therapy or solutions oriented will probably encounter a much different scenario in their own relationships with a therapist.

People who have more serious mental health diagnoses are possibly helped with medications and intensive therapies that my path in therapy has not encountered.

My intention for writing about my experiences is mostly to enrich my own understanding of my own travels on this road to self-growth and self-awareness.

And intrinsic to my experience with no doubt whatsoever, is my ‘perfect’ therapist.

Now, I know and understand fully that no person is perfect, not even therapists. And my therapist has resisted my claiming that she’s perfect. She has made mistakes and I am comfortable with that knowledge. Nevertheless, I will go to my grave claiming that my therapist is perfect because she has saved my life, not necessarily in a literal sense but in ways that are not seen.

And so I dedicate this telling of my story, my adventures in the realm of psychological exploration guided by my perfect therapist, TO my perfect therapist.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions. I would like this blog to be a place where you can also share how the topics presented affected you too.

Oh, and one other thing. As I revise chapters, those revisions will replace the previous un-revised chapters. So, if you read Chapter 1 last week, it’s possible Chapter 1 has been revised since then –new material added; some material removed or maybe only grammar mistakes corrected.

Final revisions will be made only when the first drafts of the anticipated 45 chapters are written.

Thank you for joining me in my ‘adventures’ in therapy.


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